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  • Bless Bean
    We strive to provide stable quality beans. Regarding to imported beans from all over the world, we serve information on local conditions (Origin, Geographical regions, Average Altitude, Soil Type, Type of Plant, Species, Variety, Harvesting Methods, Harvesting time, Processing Method, Climate, Crop situation etc.) in accordance with different harvesting times in each country, and we are in charge of planning and delivering supply through continuous information delivery to our domestic partners. We directly contract with the farms for the high quality beans. We aim for a partnership that is based on steady demand and supply under trust. We use Grain Pro which is for specific biodegradable vinyl for the safe delivery of beans locally. Find good beans and serve the beans to consumers.So that the efforts of producers can be delivered to you which is based on trust and sincerity. I hope to continue to share good things and be a win-win business.

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