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  • * KBC(Korea Barista Championship) Sponsor 2005~2014
    * MOC(Master Of Cupping) Sponsor 2017
    * WSC(World Siphonist Championship) Sponsor 2016
    * MOB(Master Of Brewing) Sponsor 2017
    * Distributor of DITTING GRINDER(Switzerland)
    * Distributor of MUSETTI COFFEE(Italy)
    * Distributor of IKAWA SAMPLE ROASTER(UK)
    * Distributor of PUSH TAMPER(UK)
    * Distributor of VAL:VE DRAFT SYSTEM(KOREA)
    * Distributor of 3TEMP HIPSTER(SWEDEN)
    * Musetti barista training center
    * Certifier of the SCAE three-level certified barista programme
    * Member of KCA(Korea Coffee Association)

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    IKAWA’s award winning patented sample roaster was invented in London and is an essential business tool for hundreds of coffee professionals across the world. IKAWA are inventors of the world’s first digital micro roasting system. delivered through the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster and controlled by the IKAWA Pro App.The degree of precision and control of the roast curve is unique.