Master of Cupping, MOC

Earnest investigation of coffee aroma

The annually increasing competition rate of MOC is disproving its popularity. The contest first started in 2011 to enhance understanding of cupping given the growing coffee demand globally and increasing interest in coffee varieties by producing region. It is a heart-stopping contest of finding coffee with the same flavor and aroma, which demands speedy and precise judgment, instead of just an O-and-X manner of distinguishing coffee. In addition, the participants get to learn during the contest and spend time fully understanding coffee. The contest thus provides time for coffeemakers of Korea “to practice delving into coffee as a coffee sensation MOC” and arouse their outstanding coffee senses.

Basic Theme

During the contest, the participants are to distinguish coffee by producing region by testing the flavor and aroma of each coffee and by making the best use of the limited time.


The contestants only need one spoon of cupping, but they must analyze in advance the coffee characteristics, flavor, and aroma of each producing region, as well as precisely remember them so that the contestants may fully exercise their sensitive and precise senses, and precisely distinguish each coffee during the contest.

Interesting Points

Although it may look like a rather static contest, the process of disclosing whether the answers were right for each coffee at the end of the contest makes it exciting and full of tension.


FIND SENSITIVE charisma: From the most inspiring cupper When sensitive senses capable of discerning and evaluating each flavor and aroma, as well as the ability to keenly judge and decide at each moment, are completed, “charisma” is finally realized. From the most inspiring cupper

Master of Cupping 2018

  • - TItle : The 8th Master of Cupping
  • - Slogan : Focus on Flavor
  • - Period :
    Application August 1, Mon ~ 31, Wed
    Orientation September 12, Mon, Seoul Women Plaza Arthall Bom
    Preliminary October 14, Fri ~ 15, Sat / AroundZ Seonyudo
    Semi-final November 12, Sat / Special stage in Seoul CafeShow
    Final November 13, Fri / Special stage in Seoul CafeShow
  • - Organizer : COFFEE monthly
  • - Host : Korea Coffee League(KCL) organizing committee
  • - Inquiry : Korea Coffee League(KCL) WEB www.koreacoffeeleague.com
    TEL +82-2-6080-9833
    E-mail 2018kcl@coffeero.com


  • - Total participants : 719
  • - The champions
2011 Park Jung Hoon 2012 Jun Hyun Ju 2013 Kim Jong Pil 2014 Kim Sun Young 2015 Lee Sang Il 2016 Nam Gang Hyeon
2017 Kim Hye Sun 2018 Cho Eun Ji