Master Of Brewing, MOB

MOB is a contest wherein various coffee extracting tools are used to compete, instead of being an espresso-based contest. Each contestant gets to express various coffee flavors and aroma using their individually prepared brewing and extracting machines and the official brewer of the contest. Teams of two persons participate in the contest. Contestants get to make coffee using coffee bean particles and water as a solvent as well as showcase creative menus using the coffee. Unlike espresso menus, coffee extracted using the brewing method is evaluated. Each team gets to use brewing tools that they have prepared and the given coffee beans to make the coffee. Expert and panel judges get to evaluate each team, and one can enjoy the contest rather comfortably, unlike other contests. Each team gets to compete separately and expert judges get to evaluate each team’s individual brewer tools, while the panel judges get to evaluate coffee extracted using the official brewer machine and provided by each team. The contest is held to show how differently tasting coffee can be made using various extracting tools. The systemic grading of the expert judges and the blind testing of the general panel judges can overrule each other, making the contest all the more interesting and exciting. The warm feeling that the word “brewing” recalls makes the contest all the more appealing to the public, and I look forward to the “charisma” that can cast a spell on the entire contest hall with coffee aroma. From the most inspiring brewing master

Master of Brewing 2018

  • - Title : The 3st Master of Brewing
  • - Slogan : Brewing Together
  • - Period :
    Application August 1st, Mon ~ 31th, Wed
    Orientation Semtember 20th, Tue, AroundZ Seonyudo
    Semi-final November 10, Thu
    Final November 11, Fri
  • - Organizer : COFFEE monthly
  • - Host : Korea Coffee League(KCL) organizing committee
  • - Inquired : Korea Coffee League(KCL)WEB www.koreacoffeeleague.com
    TEL +82-2-6080-9833
    E-mail 2018kcl@coffeero.com


  • - The Barista champions
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