World Latte Art Battle 2016, (WLAB 2016)

World’s First On/Off-line Latte Art Fiesta is back!

Youth, Music and Image based Festival for Global Baristas! Anyone can participate beyond time and space. This is an extreme barista tournament where everyone can enjoy, with public on-line voting. Through this whole new concept of on/off-line competition, we provide an opportunity for global baristas to challenge and accomplish their dream. Also, this competition will be broadcasted live on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK and U-Stream, so that world-wide coffee lovers can all watch the game regardless of whenever or wherever they are


World Latte Art Battle is a whole new concept of on/off-line competition where world-wide baristas can challenge to achieve their dream. This competition aims to celebrate each participants as well as their unique skills, competence and personal background, and spread the culture of mutual respect/regard within the coffee community.


32 primary competents will be selected via meticulous evaluation(based the pattern demonstration clips of the applicants) by professional judges. Then, 16 finalists will be chosen by public on-line voting. The 16 chosen competents will be going up to the finals which will take place at Seoul International Café Show in November, 2016. During the finals, each competent will compete with each other on 1:1, and their presentation of 1 designer pattern and 1 creative pattern will be evaluated by the judges and the audience. The winner will go up to the next round.

World Latte Art Battle 2016

  • - Title : World Latte Art Battle 2016
  • - Period : Nov.12(Sat) ~ 13(Sun), 2016
  • - Venue : CafeShow Seoul Stage A (Coex Hall A)
  • - Organizer : COFFEE TV
  • - Host : Committe of World Latteart Battle
  • - Inquiry : COFFEE TVWEB Latteartbattle.org
    Facebook www.facebook.com/coffeetv.co.kr


  • Hall of Fame (World Latte Art Battle 2016)
  • Lee Hae Gyeong

  • Hall of Fame (World Latte Art Battle 2015)
  • Champion. Joosung, Park

  • 2nd Place Um, Paul

  • 3rd Place Wonjae, Choi

  • 4th Place Sangwon, Yeo