World Coffee Aroma Battle 2016, (WCAB 2016)

Special aroma, Specialty coffee
Sympathy with between barista and consumer

(Farm x Barista, Synchronize Coffee aroma)

The aromas and flavors of coffee have a multitude of personalities that mirrors the different regions and cultures from which it comes and where it is savored. The volatile aromatics, flavors, and taste profiles require a unique a language by which we can communicate with others the sometimes subtle and other times overwhelming rush of sensation we experience as we gently inhale the aroma and allow the coffee to roll over tongues. The World Coffee Aroma Battle is designed with a philosophy of providing a more systemized instrument of analysis that enables you to describe with confidence and in a language used by experts the unique personality of each

As a member of the coffee industry, whether you are upstream such as growers and distributors or downstream including roasters and baristas, this event will create new opportunities for you to engage yourself to a new level with finished coffee aromas.

Coffee Aroma Standard

The coffee aroma kit, Coffee Flavor Map by SCENTNOE, was developed based on the most representative aromas found in coffee today. In order to accomplish this monumental task, we onducted extensive and exhausting research in collaboration with coffee professional from around the world. Based on standards outlined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) cupping experts utilizing simultaneous olfactory-gas chromatography laboratory equipment successfully profiled 100 aromas. By combining chromatographic data with simultaneous olfactory data, the results give greater insight into what compounds are responsible for what aromas. The 100 select aromas that comprise the Coffee Flavor Map enable both beginning coffee enthusiasts and trained professionals with a level of exactness and certainty never before available.


32 players will be selected out of a total of 60 players for main battle in 2016 Seoul Cafeshow(10th Oct, 2016) The two players on one table solve questions with facing each other.Each player opens the bottle cap and matches the correct image from ipad Same questions will be provided to the plays in of each round and those who arrive question #5 first get the additional score

World Coffee Aroma Championship of Korea 2016

  • - Title : World Coffee Aroma Championship of Korea 2016
  • - Period : Nov.10(Thu), 2016
  • - Venue : Stage A-1 (Coex Hall A)
  • - Organizer : EXPORUM, SCENTONE
  • - Inquiry : KICCI WEB www.kicci.co.kr


  • - The Barista champions
2016 Jang Sun Mi