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Cafe line-up with like hidden treasures all over Seoul!

Nowadays the cafe has become a cultural venue where you can experience the taste, aroma, and mood of coffee. After spreading COVID-19, the preference of joining a cup of coffee in their home is rapidly growing. In this year, reflecting the trends, Seoul Coffee Spot selected cafés that have running a coffee or a tea class for coffee lovers and with these cafés, we will have a coffee class that gives you an experience to brew some coffee yourself in Seoul Coffee Festival event hall.

  • - Date : Nov. 4(Wed) ~ 7(Sat), 2020, 4 days
  • - Location : The booth of the Seoul Coffee Spot, Coex, Seoul Korea

2020 Coffee Class Time Table

Date 11/4(Wed) 11/5(Thu) 11/6(Fri) 11/7(Sat)
course 11/4(Wed)

Single Origin Oneday Class


Learning about Country-specific coffee and Practicing about hand drip coffee
Joker Coffee


Homecafe Class For My Own Type
Gom Coffee Roasters


The history of the Coffee & Hand drip Practice 
Sontak Coffee

Seoul Coffee Spot 2020