EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee TALK

Coffee Talk, an on/off-line talk show for coffee lovers!

Check out the honest stories and tips for home baristas in a cup of coffee.

  • - Date : Nov. 11(Thu) ~ 12(Fri), 2021
  • - Location : 3F Hall D Coffee Talk stage / Online broadcasting
Nov. 11 (Thu)
13:00~13:30 How Austrailia has become a coee market who attracts the world and keep this status?
[Speaker] Chanho Hong (CMO of Normcore coffee)
13:30~14:00 A journey to origin
[Speaker] Minwoong Kim (CEO of Little Butler)
Nov. 12 (Fri)
12:30~13:00 Magazine F x Fritz Coffee Company Nordic Coffee Scene Tour
Byungki Kim (Founder of Fritz Coffee Company)
Sojeong Jeong (Director of Magazine F Contents & Editorial)
13:10~13:50 The Journey of the 2021 Milan World Coee Championship
Hyeonyeong Bang (2020 KNBC champion, participate WBC 2021)
Seungbaek Kim (2020 KBrC 2nd place, participate WBrC 2021)
Sangmin Ju (2020 KCTC 2nd place, 2021 WCTC 3rd place)
Charlie Chu (2021 WCTC champion, 2020 National Cup Tasters)
14:00~14:30 SEY Coee: Approaching A Global Market
[Speaker] Matthew Jung-Quillen (Chief Business Officer of SEY Coffee)
14:30~15:00 A Message to Those Who Feel Lost in Life
[Speaker] Caleb Tiger Cha (CEO of Tigerous Espresso. Humble tigers coee roasters)