EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee TALK

From the story of life in coffee to the performance about coffee! Coffee TALK is the talk show about coffee.

Have you ever wondered how many lives are connected in a cup of coffee?
From the beans grown in the sunlight of healthy South America come to the barista in Seoul, there are many stories until the coffee makes a special time in my daily life.
Listen to a variety of life stories in a cup of coffee at this Coffee TALK.

  • - Title : Coffee TALK
  • - Date : Nov. 7(Thu) ~ 10(Sun), 2019, 4 days
  • - Location : The Coffee TALKE stage of Seoul Coffee Festival event hall, Coex, Seoul
  • - Contents (2018) : Coffee stories of coffee-related people, the performances about coffee, etc.
  • - Concept (2018) : Life is like a cup of coffee

Coffee TALK Time Table (2018)

Time 11/8(Thu) 11/9(Fri) 11/10(Sat) 11/11(Sun)
11:00~12:00 11/8(Thu)

Jung-woo, Park
President of WALTZ&DR.MAHN


Han-seok, Song
President of CHOUET




Takayuki lshitani, Takamasa Miki
(Japan Barista Champion 2017/Coach)

15:00~16:00 11/8(Thu)

Sung-soo, Yune
President of r.about coffee


Yoo-dong, Cho
President of Yoo Dong Coffee


Dae-in, Seon (Dan)