EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Seoul Coffee Festival 2018

In November, the season that reminds us a cup of warm coffee, the best coffee festival “Seoul Coffee Festival” will fill Seoul with the aroma of Coffee!

A cup of coffee that makes you happy with just one cup(CUP), A space filled with coffee aroma stimulate your emotions(SPACE), and people with coffee(PEOPLE). Seoul, the city for the coffee Lovers, make perfect harmony of CUP, SPACE, PEOPLE these three elements.

  • - Date : 8 Thu. – 11 Sun. Nov. 2018, 4days
  • - Location : The lobby of the East Gate, 1st floor, Coex
  • - Concept : COFFEE ESSENTIAL – The Coffee Essential makes you the COFFEE LOVER.
  • - Program : ZONE 1 CUP – A cup of coffee for me (Coffee Science Lab, Coffee Training Station, Varie;TEA PARTY, Cafe Show Chocolate Factory)
    ZONE 2 SPACE – The space filled with coffee aroma (Seoul Coffee Tour Bus, Coffee Alley, Coffee Culture Parade, Enjoy Cafe)
    ZONE 3 PEOPLE – People connected by coffee and their life (Coffee Talk, Coffee Art Gallery, Eco-project Thank you, Coffee, Photo Wall)