EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee Alley

Trendy and unique roasteries gathered together!

There are many cafes like a hidden jewel all over the country. Their scale is not that big, but their passion about coffee is bigger than anyone! Come and enjoy coffee aroma at Coffee Alley

  • - Title : Coffee Alley
  • - Date : Nov. 7(Thu) ~ 10(Sun), 2019, 4 days
  • - Location : Seoul Coffee Festival event hall, Coex, Seoul
  • - Content : Experience unique roastery cafe barista’s specialty coffee

Exhibitor 2018


We provide a cup of Value by strictly focusing on not only roasting and brewing, but also cultivation, purification and farm. Our coffee expresses the character of single origin bean by super light roasting and pour over. As matter of fact, Japanese coffee culture has a long history of pour over serving and we would like to show great respect to the craftmanship.
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Hytte Roastery

Hytte roastery is small roastery cafe at Busan that pursuing comfortable coffee and space in daily life. Hytte roastery offers two kinds of blending coffee and light roasted filter coffee as comfortable taste.
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Strut Coffee

Strut coffee is roastery that opened the Andong Industrial Complex in Gimhae in 2016. Strut would like to offer a cup of coffee with good ingredients and many anxieties. ‘Strut’ mainly used for overall balance in buildings or structures, STRUT coffee offer a balanced coffee with a variety of beautiful flavors that can be found in coffee.
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Cafe 304

304 coffee roasters is roastery cafe specializing in the delivery of coffee beans. The offline store is located in Gwangju Metropolitan City. Every year, The 304 coffee roasters visit coffee beans product farms and import them through direct dealings. After roasting coffee beans with ProBat 25 kg and Trinitas 2 and check quality through measuring equipment and capping, they supply to cafes, hotels and restaurants nationwide.
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Identity Coffee Lab

The showroom-type stores located in Yongsan, we sell a variety of specialty-grade coffee and Presidency coffee as brewing. They also offer delivery coffee beans and training program.
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Biscuit Floor

There is a cafe that you will find whenever you go to any area. Like that, we would like the Biscuit Floor to come to your mind when you visit Gongneung-dong.
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FLOW coffeeworks

Flow Coffeeworks is small roastery cafe in Jamwon-dong. We are trying to save the personality of coffee.
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36-16 brewing

36-16 Brewing used the address 36-16 Samsung-dong and building exterior to naming the cafe. 36-16 Brewing inspired by specialty cafe in neighborhood that can only see abroad. Although it is located in a neighborhood rather than a downtown area, but we try to spread the specialty coffee culture through communicate with consumers. They pursuing a cup of coffee which has clean taste so that people able to empty out. 36-16 Brewing offer single-origin coffee rather than blending coffee beans so that emphasizing the image of the seasonal fruit.
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Liike means 'shop' in Finnish. Liike is a coffee shop that introduces three different types of coffee from different continents(Africa, Asia, and Latin America) and sells beans. The like showroom located near Sungshin Women's University in Seongbuk-gu, you can enjoy the aroma of coffee and choose drip coffee that suits your taste at the showroom. “Trust us, It’s worth the extra attention”
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Deep Blue Lake

One day, Deep Blue Lake fell into a cup of coffee and started to make coffee. Jasmine, strawberry, mango, orange, lime, apple, apricot, caramel, chocolate ... Deep Blue Lake was opened for introduce coffee of various flavors to people. They think coffee is food, and basically the most important thing in food is the ingredients. So they try to roast consistently using nice coffee beans. Since food is important for freshness, Deep Blue Lake’s principle is to roast coffee when received order. I would like to make a culture of good coffee, not end up just selling beans. They hope to known that coffee is not a bitter drink for waking up.
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Bonanza Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery that founded in Berlin, Germany in 2006. They think fair trade is important, so they reveals the source of the beans accurately and treats only the beans traded fairly. They emphasize the natural flavor of the coffee bean and to enrich all the flavors of each coffee beans, so Bonanza Coffee try to minimize roasting as much as possible.
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WICKER PARK is a small cafe near Seokchon Lake. We introduce espresso coffee of Korean UFO COFFEE and hand-drip coffee of Japanese ONIBUS COFFEE.
We are trying to provide coffee that matches the weather and the atmosphere by cooperative working with our partner roasteries whenever the season changes.
Please enjoy delicious coffee within an unique atmosphere of WICKER PARK's own.
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Lowkey is an indie coffee roastery cafe that sells specialty coffee, the cup of excellence coffee in hand drip, single origin and interacts with consumers through brewing class and public cupping.
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CACAUM is the Bean-to-bar chocolate shop located in Mangwon-dong.
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Meshcoffee is a small roastery coffee cafe that pursues charming coffee. They are inspired by people and talk about happy life and life with coffee.
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