EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee Art Gallery

What if our daily coffee becomes a piece of art?

Coffee Art Gallery is a gallery space where coffee related art works are exhibited. Do not miss meeting various imagination of the coffee artists in a cup of coffee.

  • - Title : Coffee Art Gallery
  • - Date : Nov. 7(Thu) ~ 10(Sun), 2019, 4 days
  • - Location : Seoul Coffee Festival event hall, Coex, Seoul

Artist List

Mihwa, Choi

Western artist Choi Mi-hwa
● 8 solo exhibitions (Daejeon, Seoul, Qingdao, China) 2011 ~
● The 8th Solo Exhibition (South Korea, China) / 2004 ~
● 2018 8th Solo Exhibition 'Art Bean Performance / Qingdao Gallery, China / 中国
● 2013 KBS1 Culture Bookmark “Coffee Painter Minimized” Broadcasting, Introduction (Lee Sun-young, Kim Chang-wan)
● 2012 7th Solo Exhibition “More Than Imagination” / Daejeon National Library / Korea Many other solo exhibitions
CONTACT / Mobile : +82-10-8697-6546 (manager)


The film captures the view of modern people who live with expressionless faces in their daily life.If you look down from a distance, I think it's a life where all of these different behaviors look alike. In the works, there are countless little people. Sometimes humans, who are orderly and sometimes freely expressed, are doing something hard. In the glamorous modern society, the work asks the question whether it is living with the emptiness behind each individual's inner meaning.


The artist Eo Ji-hye wants to show the flow of energy.
Eo Ji Hye, who thinks that the line of the human body is similar to the line of the plant, thought that if we could visually see the flow of energy that a person has, it might be the shape of flowers in full bloom or clustered. The lines, which seem to be a collection of flowers, are floating on the screen. Light, joyful, lively images of joy bloom into the image.

SooHyung,Park - ARTSOOMBI

Through his works, he observes and compares the landscape and social image of contemporary American and Korean society, He attempts to reveal the problems of uniformity and chaos by observing the desires of contemporary people and the society being brainwashed by mass media. In particular, the “Grass fields” work is based on his experiences in the United States during study abroad. Through the “Grass fields” series, he would like to express the question of the artificiality of the urban landscape in modern society, the creation of lawns, and the psychology of those who are obsessed with green.


Modern society has become a time when human beings have fallen into means, and individualization of alienation and humanization become theis daily life. The reality is that I can only live in anxiety that a human being can always be replaced and taken away from others. In this situation of modern society, the artist works on the inside of human beings who constantly interact with society and repeat changes.


Throughout our daily lives, the complete architecture left as a memory began to look like transparent medical X-ray screen.
I decided to see all the buildings surrounding me as transparent, like cell animation, a classic cartoon technique.
She is going to suggest the reason why the building is being made as the first layer over the perspective that this space we see and live.


Expresses the color and life of nature in color and form. I draw the temperature of nature's life as we see it. I want this picture to reach everyone as a gift.


Everything flows in my body. I am the one who flows from deep inside of me who thinks about the world, thinks of people and thinks of me. Looking at all things, my emotions, which cannot be expressed in language, dissolve me and make me reach the root. It is nature. Seeing nature escapes the complicated and painful things. And we long for nature outside of language.

YoonJi, Park - ARTSOOMBI

Light and shadow appear repeatedly every day in the cycle of time, but subtly different depending on the direction of light, temperature, wind, or my mind. The shadow begins with the form already existing and disappears from the beginning.
The landscape of light, which is constantly repeated as the cycle of time allows us to approach and record it differently at every moment, and to continue the repetitive action coming again. In my work, light and shadow expressed in various colors are objects that visually express the emotions of passing moments and attempt to forget the moments that can only be blurred and disappear.

JoonSeok, Park - ARTSOOMBI

The colors of black and white express the gap between darkness and light, visible and invisible. By grasping the structural properties of objects that light and shadow meet, they express the physical properties of objects and their reflections in the shape of light and the shape of darkness.

SeongWon,Jung - ARTSOOMBI

Art is a dream. I eat my dreams and live every day. That is my world and art. People dream of idiots, and idiots dream art again with that power. Like these kinds of life, every day I am happy.

YeonJoo,Song - ARTSOOMBI

I want to express the" sense of process. Foil shows the passage of time and It will enable the expression to shine sea's mystery.
The important thing for me chagnge every single time when I look, and is to express my subtle and subtle color changes in my work. The theme of my work is to express the emotions through my emotional filter so that visitors can indirectly experience the world under the sea.

Park, Seunghee

Seunghee, Park, Western painter
- Special Prize in Korean Painting Exhibition (City Museum)
● Excellence Prize, Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition (Insa Art Plaza)
● Excellence Prize, Korean Contemporary Women's Art Competition (Insa Art Plaza)
● Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition (Hanjeon Art Center Gallery)
● 4th International Exhibition (Rolling up the US Independence Memorial ᆢ Hong Kong International Art Show ᆢTokyo Art Invitational Exhibition ᆢKorea International Art Association Regular Exhibition (Malaysia))
● Invitational Exhibition 6 times
● Group Exhibitions (35 or more)

Moonsub Shin

Paper-cup Drawing is a project that draws a story about each cafe onto a paper cup.
Every cafe has its own unique pursuit and it is shown to customers in various forms. The artist saw a simple paper to-go cup as one of these forms of pursuit. Thus, he began to draw these cafes onto their paper cups with unique designs. The artist not only captures the interior of the cafe, but also the atmosphere and experiences he has felt during his visit. Unlike a flat piece of paper paper or canvas, paper cups have a unique and interesting cylindrical shape that allows for a continuous drawing on all sides. Each story on the cups can simply be told by the movement of spinning the cup around to see the complete image from one side to another. The author believes that the stories he draws while visiting the cafes can always be used for good storytelling. This gives the artist a reason to draw on a cup to capture every story. The project started in 2017 and the artist has been expanding his cafe visits to all around the world including New York, Portland, San Diego, Chicago, Seoul, Jeju, Busan as well as many other cities that are still in progress. He will be exhibiting his Paper-Cup Drawing project at the 2019 New York Coffee Festival.