EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee Training Station

Brewing your own coffee at home! Experience your own coffee making program at home.

There are many different flavors of coffee in the world, depending on the type and blending coffee beans. Are you still looking for the one and only coffee flavor for you? Make and find your own coffee at Coffee Training Station! Happiness will spring up for a sip of coffee just for me.

  • - Title : Coffee Training Station
  • - Date : Nov. 7(Thu) ~ 10(Sun), 2019, 4 days
  • - Location : Seoul Coffee Festival event hall, Coex, Seoul
  • - Managed by: Monthly COFFEE
  • - How to use?
    ① Choose your own tools & beans: Listen to the tooltips and choose which one to use.
    ② Experience home brewing after watching Barista’s demonstration.
    ③ Packing the beans: You can pack the used beans
    ④ Special Brewing Class: Don’t miss the home brewing class!