EventHybrid Cafe Show

『Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour』 with YouTube Influencers

Walk through Cafe Show Seoul together with famous YouTubers!

Six renowned YouTubers with insightful specialty in coffee and F&B areas will take you on a virtual tour of different halls at Cafe Show Seoul!

  • - Place : Cafe Show Seoul Official YouTube Channel
  • - YouTubers : Namja Coffee, BBINGTIGER, Sagun Caffeine, ALDIF TV, AYA COFFEE, Cafe is kim yongju
  • Namja Coffee : Coffee machine tour for your perfect cup of coffee
  • Cafe is kim yongju : How to start your cafe business
  • Sagun Caffeine : Coffee equipment tour with the ultimate cafe owner, ‘Sagun’
  • ALDIF TV : Tea mania tips from a trendy Hongdae tea bar owner
  • BBINGTIGER : Specialty coffee tour featuring Coffee Alley
  • AYA COFFEE : Beverage & dessert recipe from a barista