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Professional Session

In Professional Session, global coffee experts share their expertise, technical skills and knowledge through various demonstrations and presentations

  • - Date : Nov. 10~13, 2021
  • - Venue : Coex, Seoul, Korea
  • - Official Language : Korean

2021 Program

시간 11. 10(Wed) 11. 11(Thu) 11. 12(Fri) 11. 13(Sat)
10:00 ~ 12:00   11. 11(Thu)

Roastery Self-Consumption vs Production Delivery,
Choice & Focus for Business Choice
New Wave Coffee Roasters CEO
Seungkwon Yoo

11. 12(Fri)

Tips from the Champion: How to Prepare for Cupping Competiton
Month Coffee CEO
Heongwan Moon

11. 13(Sat)

Tea Beverage & Pairing Desserts
Merci Bonnie CEO
Boeun Lim

11:00 ~ 13:00   11. 11(Thu)

Understanding the
Extraction according to the Espresso Extraction Result
Bangitum Project CEO
Sanghwa Park

11. 12(Fri)

Effect of Water Filters on Coffee and Equipment
Hanjung Seo
The Jungjin

11. 12(Fri)

All about Home Café Brewing: From Coffee and Tool Selection to Brewing
Momento Brewers CEO
Caleb Jang

Lunch (13:00 ~ 14:00)
14:00 ~ 16:00 11. 10(Wed)

[Brewing Sensory] Variation with Ingredients of Water
Jinjae Jung

11. 11(Thu)

Brewing Intermediate Seminar
Correlation between Strength & Taste
YM Coffee Project CEO
Yongmin Cho

11. 12(Fri)

Coffee Flavor Analysis 2021
Scentone CEO
Junghyeok Ahn

15:00 ~ 17:00 11. 10(Wed)

Tips from the Ikawa Roasting Champion: Ikawa Profile Design
No Doubt Coffee CEO
Sungwoon Park

11. 11(Thu)

Coffee Processing Method A to Z 
Baekseok Arts University Professor
Hoseok Song 

11. 12(Fri)

2021 Latin America Geisha Sensory Profiling
Coffee me up CEO
DongWan Kim