Cafe Show Experts Seminar

Well-made Coffee Seminar

Cafe Show Experts Seminar is for devising effective business strategies based on an analysis of major current issues of the coffee market and diverse thematic presentations. It reflects the annually changing coffee trends when selecting original themes and inviting experts of each coffee business field as speakers to thoroughly examine talking points of not only Korea but also the rest of the world. In addition, coffee issues are objectively and scientifically approached to enhance expertise, while practical issues are also dealt with for a balance of theories and practical experience pursued under the motto of a well-made coffee seminar. thus elicits multifarious and in-depth discussions on coffee and is filled with original contents. We invite you to this place of learning that pursues close communication among coffeemakers and coffee lovers.

Cafe Show Experts Seminar 2016

  • - Title : Cafe Show Experts Seminar 2016
  • - Period : November 10, Thu ~ 13, Sun
  • - Venue : 3rd Floor, COEX, Conference Room
  • - Organizer : COFFEE monthly, Exporum
  • - Inquiry : TEL +82-2-388-5061