EventEco Friendly Campaign

Thank You, Coffee

Eco Friendly Campaign [THANK U, COFFEE]

The greater the show, the more wastes are produced. So we started the eco friendly campaign to reduce, recycle the trash and pollution in order to protect our earth, the mother of our precious coffee. The <THANK U, Coffee> campaign is to persuade environmentally sustainable coffee industry. Cafe Show wishes to create eco-friendly exhibition concept with this campaign which needs your kind support.  


1. The Coffee Grounds Recycling

We are going to recycle the coffee grounds created in Seoul Int’l Cafe Show to make compost and fodder. The exhibitors who make coffee during the show time will gather the used coffee grounds at one bag in each day and bring it to the organizer who collects all the bags at once.

2. Don’t throw away, recycle for another day

These unique COFFEE CUP TRASH BINS used to be in the Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu. However, you can find the 5 COFFEE CUP TRASH BINS at Seoul Int’ l Cafe show! Please encourage your visitors to recycle the paper and plastic cups by throw them in this cup trash bins.

3. Green Earth from Us! Using small sample cups

We will encourage our exhibitors to use small size Sample cup(4~5oz) to reduce waste being dumped.
"To make a better environment with the love of coffee. Thank you everyone for participating in the small steps taken by the Cafe Show Seoul."