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Eco-friendly company invitation hall

About Plastic Disposable alternatives! Recently, the plastic disposable items affect a serious environmental impact. “Thank you, Coffee” introduce eco-friendly companies related plastic disposable alternatives.

Do you know our earth is getting sick because of global warming and pollution? Thank you, Coffee, the environmental campaign, launched for drink clean coffee for a long time! Please visit eco-friendly company invitation hall and look around various products that substitute plastic disposable product for protect the earth.

  • - Date : 8 Thu. – 11 Sun. Nov. 2018, 4days
  • - Location : The lobby of the East Gate, 1st floor, Coex

Exhibitor (2018)


YEONJIGONJI is the company that manufactures, exports and sells eco-friendly products and raw materials. We are researching and developing various new products such as biodegradable straws, plastic bags, spoons and forks. Our company hope that the commercialization of eco-friendly products will help to change the awareness of the national environment problems.
Tel Web
+82-2-741-1611 www.instagram.com/ricestraws/
the picker

The picker introduces or produces eco-friendly products to prevent the discharge of harmful waste from the daily life and to create a healthy consumption culture.
Tel Web
+82-70-4118-0710 www.thepicker.net

TOGOPACK is disposable product distribution company that specialize in franchise, wholesale and retail, and online sales. The company imports and sells paper straw directly from China.
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+82-70-8808-6098 -

HISYSLOGITEC directly imports take-out subsidiary materials, also imports biodegradable PLA cups. The company sells products through wholesale and retail stores, franchises such as jusi, compose, teruwa, and online shopping mall. The company is specialized in logistics storage and 3PL management by establishing a large distribution center in Anseong and Gimhae area.
Tel Web
+82-31-334-8537 www.hisyslgt.com