EventThank You, Coffee

Experience Program

Let’s save the earth!

Experience ‘Thank you, Coffee’ campaign by up-cycling the wasted coffee and related materials.

  • - Date : 9-12(Thu.-Sun.), Nov., 2017, 4days
  • - Location : Lobby of Hall B, Coex



SM Best is a company that develops and produces a variety of eco-friendly 3D printer materials and eco-friendly products.
Please expect an infinite transformation of coffee grounds!

Exhibition items: Plastic made using Coffee grounds, filament for 3D printer using Coffee grounds

Esign101 is a brand that was created to be the basis of eco-design. and I want to put it in a design that is unique and trendy.
Meet up at the Seoul Coffee Festival with accessories that have been up-cycled in various materials around our lives!

Exhibition items: Accessories using coffee beans, magazines, paper. Various up-cycling accessories.
Experience: Making a coffee ring
Time: Always operating during the fair
Experience fee: 3,000won

MondoMio is our best wishes that, through our design, we may present entertainment, leisure, prosperous virtues, and a happy way of life to our customers.
Upcycling used take-out cups _ hangablekit that recycles your used take-out cups and turns it into a small flower vase, a pencil case, or an adorable wastebasket.

Exhibition items: RECUP KIT

Hicycle is an environmental culture project group which increases the product value from an artistic rediscovery of everyday life products and making waste resources into products including a story that eventually extends resource circulation value and ethical consuming consciousness.
Please expect the items in Seoul coffee festival!

Exhibition items: [Dadum:e], [Coffee pot]
Coffee Cube

We started to make coffee clay and now We make many kinds of products & handicrafts by 100% natural used coffee grounds recycled.

Exhibition items: Coffee Clay Handicraft Display

Please expect the beautiful items by multicultural families and young people!
Let’s make my own Coffee owl!

Experience: Coffee Owl Making
Time: Always operating during the fair
Experience fee: 3,000won