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59 2020 Booth Participation We are less than 15 days away until Cafe Show Seoul 2019 opens its doors!  I hope that all is going well as you prepare for the exhibition, and please note that you can contact me at any time should you have any inquiries.        2020 Application is Available Now     Please find below and attached the details regarding your application for Cafe Show Seoul 2020.  Also keep in mind that the date your application is submitted is one of the factors that go into consideration when the booth allocation order is produced.     *There are already many exhibitors that request for information on the 2020 application. For next year's show, it also seems like the majority of the booths will be sold out early in time. We hope you would take the time now to secure your spot as soon as you can.   *Starting next year, the show days will be changed from Thursday~Sunday to ​Wednesday~Saturday. We will try our best to create an even more advanced business platform for you.       A. Title: The 19th Seoul International Cafe Show (Cafe Show Seoul 2020)   B. Period: 2020. 11. 4. Wed ~ 11. 7. Sat, 4 days   C. Venue: Hall A,B,C,D (36,007sqm), COEX, Seoul, South Korea   D. Application Process: (1) Visit Cafe Show Seoul website ( and login (2) Fill in and submit “Online Application (2020)”   E. Application Period: - 1st Early-bird: ~ 2019. 11. 10. Sun - 2nd Early-bird: ~ 2020. 02. 28. Fri   F. Booth Allocation Order: - Official Sponsor 1st Early-bird Applicants 2nd Early-bird Applications General Applicants * For 3 or less booths, booth locations are selected solely by the organizer.                                           2019.10.20 1180
58 Cafe Show Seoul's Mobile is App is Ready for Download! 2019.10.16 487
57 Online Tickets Available Now! Tickets for Asia's No.1 Coffee Exhibition, Seoul Cafe Show, is officially available online.  Online tickets are now available at a discounted price! Don't miss your opportunity to visit Cafe Show Seoul!   <Online Store> - Interpark:   <Online Sale Period> - 1st Early-Bird Ticket (30% Discount) : 09/02 ~ 09/30   -2nd Early-Bird Ticket (20% Discount) : 10/01 ~ 10/20 - 3rd Early-Bird Ticket (10% Discount) : 10/21 ~ 11/04   <Ticket Type> ★ Ticket Espresso (1 day only/ Regular price: 18,000 KRW) ★ Ticket Americano (4 days/ Regular price: 36,000 KRW)   〈Please note〉 - Business Day : Thursday, November 7 - Friday, November 8 / Only professionals involved in the F&B industry can enter the show  - Public Day : Saturday, November 9 - Sunday, November 10 / Open to the public   A cup of the World, Cafe Show Seoul 2019.11.7~10 | Coex Halls A~D   2019.10.14 1255
56 Coffee Alley 2019 Recruitment 2019.08.14 1117
55 Buyer Registeration Open     The 18th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show will be held in Coex, Seoul from November 7th to 10th in 2019.   Do not miss one and only chance for FREE online pre-registration!     Benefit 1.  Free one day pass for Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2019   Benefit 2.  Acess to Business Matching Service 「Mocha Port」   Benefit 3.  Fast and Convenient Admission without registration form     Registration Link:     For further inquiries, please contact the organizer. Thank you and hope to see you at Cafe Show Seoul!      Cafe Show organizing committee Tel. +82-2-6000-6673 e-mail:     2019.04.26 1872
54 Facebook English Page OPEN!       Seoul Int'l Cafe Show English Page OPEN!   The global coffee event with the whole world, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show! We opened "English Facebook Page" for the global fans of the Cafe Show. Let's follow the NEW CAFE SHOW ENGLISH PAGE and check the latest news of Seoul Int'l Cafe Show and global coffee industry's issue!   *Follow the page ▶️     [A Cup of the World, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show] 2019.11.7~10 | COEX   2019.02.25 2540
53 Global Top Exhibition by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy!     Cafe Show Seoul selected as GLOBAL TOP EXHIBITION!   Seoul International Cafe Show selected as Global TOP Exhibition by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.   *What is Global TOP Exhibition? Award given to one of the most internationally renowned and outstanding exhibition by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.   Seoul International Cafe Show prove its power as Asia No.1 Coffee Industry Trade Show!   Especially, successful launch of the business matching service named Cafe Show Mocha Port also contributed to the selection.   Cafe Show Organizing Committee will do our best to make Cafe Show Seoul that fits the reputation of the Global TOP Exhibition!!     [A Cup of the World, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show] 2019.11.7~10 | COEX 2019.02.18 5319
52 2019 Booth Participation   Seoul In'tl Cafeshow  Organizing Committee open 2019 exhibitor registration.   A. Title The 18th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show B. Date : Nov. 7(Thu.)~ 10(Sun.), 2019, 4days C. Venue : COEX, SEOUL, KOREA D. How to apply      Apply at the official website of Cafe Show(      [Exhibitors] - [Online Application] E. Due date - 1st Early Bird : ~Nov. 11, 2018 (Sun.) - 2nd Early Bird : ~ Feb. 28, 2019 (Thu.)   * The booth has ran out fast, so please apply as soon as possible. (95% Reserved) 2019.02.07 5317
51 Show Result 2018.11.26 2142
50 The 17th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show successfully ended & See you in 2019!       The 17th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show successfully ended. Thank you for everyone to visited our show and See you in 2019!   A Cup of the World, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2018.11.11 3051