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40 [Cafe Show 2018] Booth Participation Seoul In'tl Cafeshow  Organizing Committee open 2018 exhibitor registration.   A. Title The 17th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show B. Date : Nov. 8(Thur.)~ 11(Sun.), 2018, 4days C. Venue : COEX, SEOUL, KOREA D. How to apply      Apply at the official website of Cafe Show(      [Exhibitors] - [Online Application] E. Due date - 1st Early Bird : ~Nov. 12, 2017 (Sun.) - 2nd Early Bird : ~ Mar. 30, 2018 (Fri.)   * The booth has ran out fast, so please apply as soon as possible. (85% Reserved) 2018.01.10 4700
39 [Cafe Show 2018] Sponsorship Program <The Best Way to Promote Your Booth, SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM>   To make your brand stand out among many exhibitors of the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show, we have created the SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM. Our sponsorship and marketing opportunities are designed to maximize your brand's presence at the Seoul Int'l Cafe Show. This is why you should not miss our sponsorship program of this year.   All the sponsorship program will be closed by order of arrival. You have to hurry if you want to apply our exclusive sponsorship program.   We are confident that our program will assist your successful marketing.   For further details, please contact Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Secretariat. Thank you. Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Scretariat Tel. (+82)-2-6000-6687 E-mail: 2018.04.26 116
38 Thank you for attending Cafe Show Seoul 2017! The 16th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show announce the successful closing! During the show period, approximately 160,000 visitors enjoyed the domestic/international exhibition including World Barista Championship,  World Coffee Leaders Forum and Seoul Coffee Festival. Cafe Show Seoul 2018 will be held at COEX on November 8 to 11 and will greet you with more fruitful contents. Thank you for your sincere attention and support!   2017.11.22 819
37 2017 World Barista Championship Final Schedule 2017.11.12 1025
36 [Cafe Show 2017] ‘Seoul Coffee Tour Bus’ run by Seoul Int’l Cafe Show. [Seoul Coffee Tour Bus] ‘Seoul Coffee Tour Bus’ run by Seoul Int’l Cafe Show comes to you with the aroma of coffee. ✔️You can diversely enjoy Seoul with the bus by visiting ‘Seoul Coffee Spots’ selected by Cafe Show! Start the aromatic coffee tour with the professional guide and the signature beverage of each coffee spots.   - Title: Seoul Coffee Tour Bus - Date: 9-12(Thu.-Sun.), Nov., 2017, 4days - Location: South Gate, Coex  (Location of Information desk : Lobby of Hall B, Coex)   For more information 2017.11.03 1190
35 [Cafe Show 2017] Download Now Cafe Show Official App! Application Download ▶ 2017.11.03 1332
34 [Cafe Show 2017] Grow your Network at Cafe Show! Greetings from Seoul Int'l Cafe Show!   We are pleased to announce the 'WELCOME RECEPTION' It will be an ideal networking event for you to make valuable networking connections.   Please refer the details below.   - Date : 9 Nov.(Thu)  18:30               (The first day of Cafe Show) Venue : <Lu> 1st Floor, COEX How to apply : Submit the Form5 at Cafe Show Website                            ( Application due date  : ~ 13 Oct. (Fri) (*Limit 2 persons per organization or company)     Thank you.   Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Secretariat 2017.10.26 500
33 The 6th World Coffee Leaders Forum “INDUSTRY 4.0” & “Humanity” for the Future of Coffee Market The evolution of technology dramatically changes our lives. ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ so called ‘Industry 4.0’ is the technical shift in all relevant sector in which boundaries of various fields are broken down and connected to be integrated. Following on this current trend, the coffee industry has been also experiencing various changes by the convergence of the high-tech technology. Paradoxically, the rapid development of high-technology needs utmost ‘HIGH-TOUCH’ origin from the human sensibility. This year at World Coffee Leaders Forum, the brand new industrial generation will be highlighted in order to reflect on current coffee market, defining for the range of role for the mankind at the coffee scene. For more information and registration, please visit   World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee T. +82.2.6000.6711 M. W. 2017.10.24 1610
32 Cafe Show Seoul is awarded 1st place at AFECA Awards 2017 Cafe Show Seoul is honored to be winned as the first place of “Outstanding Trade Exhibition” at the AFECA Awards 2017. This recognition is a drive for us and motivates us to constantly strive for perfection. We will continue to explore new and effective ideas to provide and maintain the high standard of our service quality.   AFECA Awards? AFECA Awards hosted by the Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Associations (AFECA) by annual honouring top industry performers in Exhibition & Convention indsustry. 2017.09.13 781
31 Early Bird Ticket is now available!   > Click the image to buy ticket now!    2017.08.28 1139