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71 Quarantine Exemption Application Guide for Cafe Show Seoul Exhibitors & Buyers Dear Exhibitors and Buyers of Cafe Show Seoul,   We at Cafe Show Seoul are devoted to providing the most safe and successful business platform to you and are looking very much forward to welcome you to the 20th edition of our event in Seoul, Korea this November!  As a valued member of our exhibition, we want to share with you the good news that the South Korean government has been exempting international travelers from mandatory two-week quarantine since the 1st of July this year.    Today, we want to guide you through on how to submit your application for quarantine exemption in Korea.     ▶ Quarantine Exemption Qualifications  Full Vaccination Recommended: Although it is not required for you to be fully vaccinated before entering Korea, we highly recommend you get all recommended doses of approved vaccines by WHO (World Health Organization) at least two weeks before submitting your quarantine exemption application form, which is due on October 1st. Quarantine Exemption Application Required: Please review the attached application guide and sample to complete all forms before the deadline. As it takes a long time for government agencies to review and approve the applications, it is critical the forms are received by the requested date. The applications are only accepted in Korean. This means that once you have reviewed and filled in the English version of the application form as attached in this email, the Cafe Show organizer will fill out the application form in Korean based on the information you have provided. The show organizer will send you the Korean application form before the final submission for you to sign. The organizer will then submit the final application form to the relative government body in Korea. The form must be completed by each person planning on traveling to Korea to attend Cafe Show Seoul Quarantine Exemption Certificate Required: By submitting the exemption application form, this does not mean you will be exempt from 14-day quarantine in Korea. The certificate of quarantine exemption approval will be distributed by the relative embassy of Korea in your home country after reviewing your application form.  ​ PCR Test Required: A total of 3 PCR test is required when entering Korea even after receiving the quarantine exemption.  1st PCR test required 72 hours before arrival in Korea 2nd PCR test required upon arrival in Korea  3rd PCR test required after 6th day of stay in Korea (Only applicable to exhibitors staying longer than 8 days in Korea)   ▶ Application Procedure ​Please review the table below for the general idea of the application procedure.  The steps which the exhibitor is required to complete is highlighted in yellow.    Procedure Action Party Due Date 1. Distribute Quarantine Exemption Application form & guide Cafe Show Organizer Aug. 23 2. Fill out application form & prepare required documents & submit them to the Organizer Cafe Show Exhibitor Oct. 1 3. Fill out the application form in Korean and return back to the Exhibitor to sign Cafe Show Organizer Oct. 4 4. Re-submit the signed Korean application form to the Organizer Cafe Show Exhibitor Oct. 6 3. Submit the Korean application to relevant ministries for further review Cafe Show Organizer Oct. 8 4. Review application, request further documents, or interview the host Korean company Relevant Ministries Within 1~2 weeks after application submission 5. Approve/reject application 6. Confirm the required document list for obtaining Quarantine Exemption and informs the Exhibitor Cafe Show Organizer Within 1 week after ministry approval/rejection 7. Submit relevant documents to the district Korean Embassy in respective home country Cafe Show Exhibitor ASAP *Processing time may take up to 1 week depending on each embassy’s schedule 8. Enter Korea with Quarantine Exemption Certificate within one month from the issuance date Cafe Show Exhibitor Nov. ~    Required Forms These forms are required to be completed by each Cafe Show Seoul exhibitor planning on traveling to Korea for the show.  These forms must be completed and submitted to the organizer by Friday, October 1st via email <> Quarantine Exemption Application Quarantine Exemption Period Plan (*Only applicable to exhibitors that have not been fully vaccinated) Memorandum of Compliance with Quarantine Regulations Memorandum of Confirmation of Vaccination Certificate Authenticity (*Only applicable to fully vaccinated exhibitors) Passport Copy of the Applicant Vaccination Certificate Proof of Residence (Ex. Hotel reservation confirmation, etc.) Airline Ticket Confirmation Information of the Korean host company (*To be provided by the Cafe Show Seoul Organizer) For more details, please review the attachments.    As we keep monitoring the conditions of the changing COVID-19 situation, we will notify you. We will stay committed to the safety of our event and look forward to a successful show.    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.    Thank You.   Best Regards, Cafe Show Seoul Team 2021.08.24 1143
70 Announcing 2021 Booth Selection Day The 20th Seoul International Cafe Show Booth Selection Day is taking place this week online through Zoom! For more details, please continue reading.    A. Date: 2021. 6. 23 - 6. 25 B. Participants: 2021 Cafe Show Seoul Exhibitors with 4 or more booths (36sqm or more) C. Place: Online Zoom meeting    Please contact us at any time should you have any further questions or concerns.   Thank You & Best Regards, Cafe Show Seoul Team 2021.06.24 546
69 Thank you & See you in 2021, the 20th anniversary! 2020.12.10 1380
68 Cafe Show Seoul 2020 Virtual Tour with YouTube Influencers! Dear Exhibitors & Visitors,   The 19th Seoul International Cafe Show is returning to Seoul smarter, safer and stronger, implementing an online and offline mix of various programs! Please read on below to find what diverse programs await you at Cafe Show Seoul 2020!     Program #1 <Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour> with YouTube Influencers Famous YouTubers with coffee and F&B industry related contents will be doing a virtual tour of each hall at Cafe Show Seoul! You'll be able to experience the feel of being on site at the show through this program!   <Time> Wed, Nov. 4 ~ Sat, Nov. 7, 2020 (4 days)   <Place> Cafe Show Seoul Official YouTube & Cafe Show NOW zone at Cafe Show Seoul 2020   <Participating YouTubers> 남자커피 (Namja Coffee) : Coffee machine tour for your perfect cup of coffee 삥타이거 (BBINGTIGER): Specialty Coffee Tour feat. Coffee Alley 사군카페인 (Sagun Caffeine) : Coffee equipment tour with the ultimate cafe owner 알디프TV (ALTDIF TV) : Tea tips from a trendy tea bar owner in Hongdae 아야커피 (AYA COFFEE) : Beverage & dessert receipe from a barista 카페는김용주 (Cafe is kim yongju) : How to start your cafe business     If you are at the show site and want to see the YouTube tour, please visit Cafe Show NOW booth located in Hall A (Booth number: A433)!   Thank you.   A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul   2020.10.30 12195
67 First Ever Exhibition to Collaborate with Naver Shopping Live - "Cafe Show Seoul 2020 Special Showcase" Dear Exhibitors & Visitors,   We would like to introduce the 3nd program of Cafe Show Seoul's on-offline hybrid show!     Program #2  <Cafe Show Seoul 2020 Special Showcase> with Naver Shopping Live   Cafe Show Seoul is the first exhibition ever to collaborate with "Naver Shopping Live," one of the biggest and most convenient live commerce platforms in Korea. During the four days of the show, discover "Cafe Show Seoul 2020 Special Showcase" live on Naver!   <Time> Wed, Nov. 4 ~ Sat, Nov. 7, 2020 (4 days)   <Place> "Cafe Show Seoul Showcase" page within Naver Shopping Live website   <Exhibitors> Nokchawon, Morphy Richards, GNL Foods, Hyungkuk F&B, Dilico Coffee Machin, 1 Kilo Coffee, Belmio & Steven Smith Tea Makers, Dongsuh, Hario     Now discover Cafe Show Seoul online!이젠 온라인으로도 서울카페쇼를 만나보세요.   Thank you.   A Cup of the World, Cafe Show Seoul   2020.10.30 4880
66 Cafe Show Seoul 2020 Online Exhibition Dear Exhibitors & Visitors,   We would like to introduce the 3rd program of Cafe Show Seoul's on-offline hybrid show!   Program #3 Smart Online Exhibition <Cafe Show Seoul Digital Fair>   The Digital Fair will be available through Cafe Show Seoul's official website! Discover all exhibitors and brands participating at the 19th Seoul International Cafe Show.   You will also be able to use Cafe Show Seoul's exclusive business matching service "CafeShow Mocha Port" to connect directly with exhibitors and brands that you discover through the Digital Fair!   <Digital Fair Opening Time> Mon, Nov 2, 2020   <Place> Cafe Show Seoul Official Website   We ask for your active interest and participation! Looking forward to seeing you soon!   Thank you.   A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul 2020.10.30 2689
65 COVID-19 updates 2020.08.21 3118
64 COVID-19 Free Zone Program 2020.07.20 4010
63 Recruiting Coffee Alley 2020 Participants 2020.07.10 2688
62 2020 Buyer Registration is Now Available Buyer Registration for Cafe Show Seoul 2020 is now open!   If you are a professional involved in the coffee industry, you are certified to register for Cafe Show Seoul as a buyer! Through registering as a buyer, here are a couple of benefits you will receive:    ● Free & Fast Entrance ● Be automatically enrolled in Cafe Show Seoul's business matching system, which will allow you to view all exhibitors' company profile and send/receive meeting requests even prior to the show ● Meet and network with over 650 exhibitors, 3,500 brands from 40 countries ● Be part of a tight-knit community of coffee professionals around the globe  Don't miss your opportunity to develop new connections, gain new insights and experience new innovations.  Register now to attend Asia's No.1 Coffee Event, Cafe Show Seoul 2020.06.08 4378