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83 Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2021 Directory OPEN Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,   The 20th Cafe Show Seoul has arrived with D-3.    A directory where you can check all information of Cafe Show Seoul 2021 has been opened!   ▶ See the Directory of Cafe Show Seoul 2021     From detailed program information about Cafe Show Seoul & concurrent events to the keywords for the coffee industry trend in 2022, Check out the directory 2021 in advance!   Best regards, Cafe Show Seoul 2021.11.07 708
82 20th Edition Goods for Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,   You can meet 20th Edition Illustration Goods, which contains stories of Seoul Int'l Cafe Show at Marple Shop.    ▶ See the 20th Edition Goods     Thanks for your interest in the 20th Anniversary Edition Goods!   Best Regards, Cafe Show Seoul 2021.11.07 518
81 Speakers Lineup for has been released! Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,     An honest talk show of people connected through coffee, <Coffee Talk>! The speakers from all over the world will be at <Coffee Talk> with the topic of "World Coffee Trip", which is the concept of the 6th Seoul Coffee Festival.   Don't miss the special coffee stories from all over the world for coffee-loving travelers!   Date : Nov. 11(Thu) ~ 12(Fri), 2021   Place : Stage in Hall D on the 3rd floor & Online   Nov. 11(Thu) 12:00~12:30 A Messgae to Those Who Feel Lost in Life [Speaker] Caleb Tiger Cha, CEO of Tigerous Espresso, Humbler tigers coffee roasters 12:30~13:00 How Australia has become a coffee market who attracts the world and keep this status? [Speaker] Changho Hong, CMO of Normcore coffee 13:00~13:30 A Journey to Origin [Speaker] Minwoong Kim, CEO of Little Butler   Nov. 12(Fri) 12:00~12:30 Magazine F x Fritz Coffee Company Nordic Coffee Scene Tour [Speaker] Byungki Kim, Founder of Fritz Coffee Company Sojeong Jeong, Director of Magazine F Contents&Editorial 12:30~13:10 SEY Coffee: Approaching A Global Market [Speaker] Matthew Jung-Quillen, Chief Business Officer of SEY Coffee 13:10~14:00 The Journey of the 2021 Milan World Coffee Championship [Speaker] Hyeonyeong Bang, Seungbaek Kim, Sangmin Ju, Charlie Chu 2021.11.07 453
80 Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2021 Hybrid Showcase   "Trend Unpacked Show 2022" is a special program for the 20th Cafe Show Seoul. Be the first to check out innovative products that will lead the cafe industry trend in 2022 through the on∙offline hybrid showcase!   Time : Nov. 10(Wed), 2021 15:00~17:00   Place : Stage in Hall D on the 3rd floor & Online   2021.11.07 322
79 Cafe Show Seoul 2021 Concept Dear Exhibitor and Visitors. A series of promotional videos and posters with messages delivered by the 20th Cafe Show Seoul has been released.   This year's promotional video contains a diary of the past 20 years, which has shown new values and useful experiences to coffee makers at home and abroad.     2021 Cafe Show Seoul Promotion Video         The message that Cafe Show Seoul which celebrates its 20th anniversary. wants to send     A cup of the world it celebrates the 20th anniversary like now, in the future please love us.   Best Regard Cafe Show Seoul 2021.10.26 602
78 [WCLF 2021] The 10th World Coffee Leaders Forum Pre-Registration NOTICE Dear Exhibitor and Visitors,   World Coffee Leaders Forum is the world's first global coffee conference to be officially supported by the International Coffee Organiztion(ICO.)   The annual four-day event focuses on the most crucial topics in the global coffee industry of the year and opens next to Seoul International Cafe show, the largest coffee exhibition in Asia with 20-years of expertise and history.   Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, World Coffee Leaders Forum is to discuss changes in the coffee reatil market after the pandemic and offer practical solutions to the world coffee professionals struggling after the pandemic crisis.   Under the theme of "Refocus, Revive, and Reboot – Crisis into Opportunity: Post-Pandamic World Coffee Market", WCLF strives to be a new indicator for the global coffee industry by sharing insights on ESG management, coffee retail market, and food tech for the future coffee industry development.     Pre-registration is now open until Nov. 3.         Thank you for your interest and participation. Register NOW     Period Nov. 10(Wed) ~ 13(Sat), 2021   Venue Coex, Seoul, Korea   Programs Official program: Opening Speech, Keynote Speech, Academic program: Global Session, Professional Session, Origin Adventure Session, SCA CSP & CTechP Detail   Inquiry T. 02-6000-6698 E.   Thank you A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul   2021.10.26 565
77 2021 Business Matching 「Mocha Port」 Dear Exhibitors & Visitors, Guide to Business Matching Service ‘Mocha Port’ by Seoul Int’l Cafe Show   Explore Your Ocean of New Possibilities in the Global Coffee and F&B Industry   Inspired from the 'Port of Mocha,' Cafe Show Seoul's Mocha Port is an exclusive business-matching program that allows you to connect with the ultimate buyer that matches your interest and meeds.   Access Mocha Port       We hope your business goes welll with Mocha Port.   Inquiry T. 02-6000-6719 E.   Thank you. A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul 2021.10.26 402
76 Lineup for Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour with YouTube Influencers Dear Exhibitors & Visitors, To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Seoul Int'l Cafe Show, the secretariat is preparinig various programs to provide more diverse experiences. Following last year, you could enjoy the 'Hybrid Show' that combines offline and online. Especially, Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour with YouTube Influencers which was loved a lot will visit you with new influencers.   Six renowned YouTubers with coffee and F&B related contents took online visitors through a virtual tour of each hall at Cafe Show Seoul!   ㅣDate Wed, Nov. 10 ~ Sat, Nov. 13, 2021   ㅣVenue Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Official YouTube Channel @theseoulcafeshow   ㅣLineup for 2021 Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour   Barista Park Seung Kyu Espresso Machine Line-up Depending on Your Budget   Coffictures Menu Developing A to Z 2022     Cupping Post Special Specialty Coffee Tour with Barista Lee Chi-Hoon   Barista Kim Young-Jin Making My Own Home Cafe Bakery Paper Interesting Bread Making Story Told by a Chef Hongcha Unnie The Real Tea World with Tea Sommelier "Hongcha Unnie"   Stay tuned for Cafe Show Seoul Virtual Tour & YouTube Influencers!   A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul 2021.10.26 392
75 Seoul International Cafe Show 20th Anniversary Speical Program 「20th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show, 20 Cafe People」 Series Dear Exhibitors & Visitors, Seoul International Cafe Show 20th Anniversary Speical Program [20th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show, 20 Cafe People] Series are waiting for you. "To me, Cafe Show Seoul is ooo" From the first coffee exhibition in Korea to becoming the best event leading the global coffee industry, the reason why Seoul Int'l Cafe Show, which celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is meaningful is thanks to the numerous coffee industry workers who have been with us.   Find out the meaning of Seoul Int'l Cafe Show by 20 Cafe People who have been with us for 20 years! See 20th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show, 20 Cafe People Series   Thank you. A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul 2021.10.26 352
74 World Coffee Battle 2021 Survivors are released Dear Exhibitors & Visitors,   A place for baristas around the world with youth, music and video World's First On-Offline Competition World Coffee Battle 2021 Survivors are released!   World LatteArt Battle Survivor Jun Lee Min-ji Lee Eun-kyoung Hwang Young-hwa Lee Hyun-u Cho Hye-bin Park Eun-sun Cho Jeong-hu Ham Won-jae Choi Ji-seong Jeong Jong-hyeok Lee Young-jin Kim Uu-kyung Hwang Tae-seung Lee Ha-nui Sun Jun-ho Shin World Cocktail Battle Survivor Hee-soo Gu Tae-hoon Choi Dong-hyun Jung Hyun-Kwon Ham Min-guk Yu Hyun-woo Kim Hae-Seong Jang Jin-ho Jung Stay tuned for the World Coffee Battle and the survivors at Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2021! Thank you. A Cup of the World Cafe Show Seoul   2021.10.26 135