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  • Business DayNov.8(Thu) 10:00~18:00
    Nov.9(Fri) 10:00~18:00
    Industry related Visitors and Buyers only

  • Public Day Nov.10(Sat) 10:00~18:00
    Nov.11(Sun) 10:00~16:00
    Public, Group Visitor

Buy tickets online

Click Here For Tickets

Ticket Espresso? (1 Day)
Like a deep, lingering espresso after a short period of intensity.
Ticket for watching the whole Cafe Show Seoul for one day!
Ticket Americano? (All Day)
Like enjoying the a full cup of Americano coffee.
Ticket allows to enter all period of Cafe Show Seoul!
Early Bird Ticket Open Ticket Espresso (KRW) Ticket Americano (KRW) Discount Rate
1st Ticket Open: Aug. 21 ~ Sept. 15 10,800 18,000 40% off
2nd Ticket Open: Sept. 16 ~ Oct. 13 14,400 24,000 20% off
3rd Ticket Open: Oct. 14 ~ Nov. 7 16,200 27,000 10% off
  • Step 1Buy ticket on website in advance
  • Step 2Visit Cafe Show Seoul
    (Registration Desk: 1F Hall B)
  • Step 3Fill in registration card and submit it with online ticket to registration desk
  • Step 4Collect your entrance badge and enter the exhibition

Buy tickets on-site

Category Entrance Fee (KRW)
General Ticket Espresso (1 Day) 18,000
Ticket Americano (All Day) 30,000
Handicapped 5,000
Pre-school child accompanied by parents Free

Invitation Card holder

Organizing Committee divides invitees into 2 different types of Invitation Card to improve visitor accessibility. 1F, GRAND BALLROOM LOCATED EXHIBITORS : 1F INVITATION CARD HOLDER 3F LOCATED EXHIBITORS : 3F INVICATION CARD HOLDER Both tickets are available only at the registration desk as above. HOWEVER THEY CAN ACCESS HALL A,B,C,D AND GRAND BALLROOM

  • Step 1Fill in registration card
  • Step 2Submit the registration card and invitation card to designated registration desk
  • Step 3Collect your entrance badge and enter the exhibition

Online Pre-Registration

Online Free Registration (has been closed)
  • Step 1Online Registration
  • Step 2Bring your identification to the registration desk(3F Hall C)
  • Step 3Collect your entrance badge
  • Step 4Enter the Exhibition


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Floor Plan

Floor Plan