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  • Title The 21th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show
    (Cafe Show Seoul 2022)
    Period Nov. 23(Wed) ~ 26(Sat). 2022 / 4 days
    Opening time Wed ~ Fri 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last call for entrance at 17:30)
    Sat 10:00 ~ 16:00 (Last call for entrance at 15:30)
    Venue Hall A~D, Coex, Seoul, Korea
    Exhibit Items Coffee, Tea, Bakery, Dessert, Ice-cream, Chocolate, Beverage, Raw Material, Machine & Equipment, Interior, Franchise & Start-up, Kitchen Appliances, Food Service Industry
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Please register your information to visit Cafe Show Seoul.
By registering as a buyer, you will receive one full day pass to the show and gain access to Cafe Show Seoul’s business matching service program, Mocha Port.

  • New Buyer Please register if this is your first time
    registering as a buyer at Cafe Show Seoul


  • Registered Buyer Please log in if you are a buyer who has
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Cancellation & Refund Policy

※ The registration fee will be refunded until 23:59pm on Nov. 25, 2021
※ All bank services charges and administration fees will be deducted from Cafe Show Seoul Registration refunds.


Seoul International Cafe Show Organizer
Tel. 02-6000-6673 |E-mail.

Tickets Purchase

  Ticket Espresso? (1 Day)   Ticket Americano? (All Day)
Like a deep, lingering espresso after a short period of intensity.
Ticket espresso grants you access to Cafe Show Seoul halls for a day.
Like enjoying a full cup of Americano coffee.
Ticket Americano grants you access to all Cafe Show Seoul halls for all four days.

※ Cafe Show Seoul, Asia's largest coffee exhibition, will be held in all exhibition halls at Coex (Hall A~D).
To see and enjoy Cafe Show Seoul in its entirety, we recommend you purchase Ticket Americano.

Category Period (1 Day)
Ticket Espresso (KRW)
(All Day)
Ticket Americano (KRW)
Early Bird Ticket 1st (30% off) (1 Day)Ticket Espresso : 14,000 (All Day)Ticket Americano : 28,000
2nd (20% off) (1 Day)Ticket Espresso : 16,000 (All Day)Ticket Americano : 32,000
3rd (30% off) (1 Day)Ticket Espresso : 18,000 (All Day)Ticket Americano : 36,000
On-site(General) Ticket Nov. 23(Wed) – 26(Sat) (1 Day)Ticket Espresso : 20,000 (All Day)Ticket Americano : 40,000
  • - Handicapped : 10,000 KRW/1 Day Ticket Expresso
  • ※ Due to Corona 19, infants and toddlers are restricted from entering the exhibition hall.

Admission guide

Online Pre-registration

Receive a barcode through online pre-registration confirmed email.

Visit the Show and scan the barcode at a registration desk.

Receive a 1 day badge to access the show.

Invitation Card(Mobile/Paper)

Receive a barcode after completing registration of the invitation card.

Visit the Show and scan the barcode at a registration desk.
*If you had paper type invitation card, you have to have the invitation card(original one).

Receive a 1 day badge to access the show.

Tickets Purchase

Purchase online/onsite tickets.

Visit the show and fill in a registration card at a registration desk and submit the registration card with the ticket.

Receive a badge to access the show.


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Floor Plan

Floor Plan