About CafeShow Brand

Cafe Show was first established in 2002 as the first exhibition in Asia that was specialized in the coffee industry. Over the years, it has developed to become a major world-leading business event. Next to coffee, Cafe Show covers an extensive range of cafe and F&B industry products, including tea, ice-cream, dessert, raw materials, machines, interior, services and more. Based on the expertise and insights gained from organizing Cafe Show in Seoul, Cafe Show was successfully launched in Vietnam, creating a new domain for a global exhibition brand. Cafe Show Vietnam has been running annually since 2016, respectively. Now, Cafe Show looks forward to opening a new paradigm in Paris, France. Cafe Show Paris 2022 marks the latest edition to the global Cafe Show brand as it takes groundbreaking steps beyond Asia to further beyond international waters. In addition to an exhibition event, Cafe Show Seoul provides another platform for worldwide professionals in the coffee industry to share knowledge and network through an insightful conference, ‘World Coffee Leaders Forum,’ World Coffee Leaders Forum (WCLF) occurs annually next to Cafe Show Seoul. Cafe Show Seoul not only integrates business and knowledge, but it also assimilates culture as well. ‘Seoul Coffee Festival’ is an additional event that happens next to Cafe Show Seoul and World Coffee Leaders Forum each year. The festival provides a variety of interactive programs and creates new opportunities for experiences. By creating new partnerships and by making relationships deeper and wider, Cafe Show connects the global world of coffee. By connecting people, coffee and technology, Cafe Show opens new doors for opportunities.

By coffee, our life will be filled, economy can grow, cultures are connected.
And the World is to be ONE.
A Cup of the World, Cafe Show