Korea Team Barista Championship, KTBC

Korea Team Barista Championship(KTBC) is clearly a dynamic contest full of vitality, in which coffeemakers compete. It first showcased at Sweet Korea in March 2014. Despite its short history as a contest of a busy cafe stage concept, it is continuously loved because of its unique competing method not easily found anywhere else. KTBC is held twice a year at the Seoul Cafe Show and Sweet Korea in collaboration with their organizers, and it was designed to improve the work competencies of baristas, who need to have the ability to make various menus and provide speedy client services, as its positive impact. During the preliminaries, the participating teams get to compete in leagues so that they can gain more experience competing. From the final round, it is held in the form of a tournament for greater excitement. The menus that each team has to demonstrate are lot drawn on site, and each team member gets to check the menu while simultaneously setting their bar for optimal human traffic. All kinds of coffee menus found at a cafe are randomly selected from espressos to variation coffee and cafe latte, and each team has to speedily and precisely make the entire menu within the limited time and provide each drink in the order instructed on the list.

Basic Theme

It is a contest wherein one can feel true synergy among team members.


It is of the concept of three baristas making various coffee menus in a busy cafe. The key here is to have team members work in unison, because working independently can lead to the provision of wrong drinks. To win, team members need to efficiently divide labor and move dynamically.

Interesting Points

The contest is to evaluate a barista’s capability to work in an actual busy cafe and not his or her personal competencies. It meticulously evaluates how precisely each recipe is provided, how hygienically it is made, how visually appealing the served coffee is, and all other factors that people being provided coffee can feel.

Korea TEAM Barista Championship 2022

  • - Date : Nov.23(Wed), 2022
  • - Organizer : Monthly Coffee
  • - Host : Korea Coffee League(KCL) organizing committee, Korea Coffee Education Center(KCEC)
  • - Inquiry : Korea Coffee League (KCL) WEB www.koreacoffeeleague.com
    E-mail kcl@coffeero.com


  • - Total participants : 220
  • - The barista champions
2014 D.N.A Blast
2015 Umway Alive
2016 Turn up & Warming up Cream
2017 Amazing Rose
2018 Abyss Young
2019 Newtro
2020 Assassinists
2021 Newtro