World Cocktail Battle (WCTB)

Discover the most fabulous-looking signature drink recipe! ‘World Cocktail Battle’

Affiliated with ‘World Latte Art Battle’, ‘World Cocktail Battle’ is an on/off-line competition where anyone can participate beyond time & space, and the finalists for the next round will be selected by the audience. The most outstanding and unique drinks will dominate SNS(Social Network Service)! As we see new and extraordinary drinks created by baristas on SNS every day, it is certain that there has been a growing interest in signature drinks. This festival will be an open platform for various people engaged in coffee industry, such as baristas and bartenders, where they can gather up and share their most legendary recipes!

How to Apply/Preliminary round

World Signature Battle is a competition where baristas share and compete with their self-made signature drink recipes. Apply by creating a video clip of your own ‘coffee-based’ signature drink and uploading it on our official competition website (signaturebattle.com), and you are set! On-line voting will take place for the audience (anyone can be!) to select the finalist among 16 qualified competitors of preliminary round chosen by the organizing committee members.

The final

Total of 8 finalists will compete on a 1:1 basis at the final, which will take place from November at Seoul Int’l Cafe Show, COEX, South Korea. Professional judges/Audience judges will evaluate the recipes demonstrated by the competitors, and the competitors with the highest score will advance to the next round.

World Cocktail Battle 2021

  • - Title : World Cocktail Battle 2021
  • - Venue : Special Stage of Seoul Int’l Cafe Show (COEX Hall D) & Coffee TV Youtube Channel
  • - Date : [Final] Nov. 11(Thur.)
  • - Organizer : COFFEE TV
  • - Host : World Cocktail Battle Organizing Committee
  • - Inquiry : COFFEE TVE-Mail coffeetv@coffeetv.org
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World Cocktail Battle 2021
  • 1st : Min-Guk Yu

  • 2nd : Hyun-Kwon Ham

  • 3rd : Jeddy

  • 4th : IAN

Hall of Fame (World Cocktail Battle 2019)
  • 1st : Dinh Thep

  • 2nd : Agnieszka Rojewska

  • 3rd : Danny Wilson

  • 4th : Lee Hae Young

Hall of Fame (World Signature Battle 2018)
  • 1st Fumiaki Nozato

  • 2nd Le Huu Phuoc

  • 3rd Hong Sheng Liao

  • 4th Ji-hoon Kim

Hall of Frame (World Signature Battle 2017)
  • 1st Jeon Ji Ho

  • 2nd Bang Ye Ji

  • 3rd Alex Huy Tran

  • 4th  Loo hong xiang

Hall of Frame (World Signature Battle 2016)
  • 1st Ko Eun Mi

  • 2nd Park Young Bin

  • 3rd Lee Ji Hoon

  • 4th Park Hee Yong