EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee Library

“With books, your coffee experience is rounded up”

Your coffee experience is rounded off with a book. This year's Coffee Library introduces books that will round off our daily lives by a very small margin, just like coffee that creates a different taste with subtle differences. Meet books that resemble coffee at the Starfield Library. Pleasant changes pile up one by one.

  • - Date : Nov.16(Wed)~30(Wed), 2022
  • - Venue : Starfield Library in Starfield Coex mall B1 floor
  • - Theme : Round off your coffee experience with books
ESPRESSO : Books that leave a short but strong impression AMERICANO : Books that dilute the bitterness and make the original taste richer LONGBLACK : Books that leave a new and fresh impression with a different attempt CAFE LATTE : Books that warm your heart and soften just by taking a sip CARAMEL MACCHIATO : Books that leave a sweet finish following the bitter taste

Partner: Dohwa apt., Moonwoodang, HOWS BOOKS

Dohwa Apartment is a space where we make coffee, bake bread, choose books, and convey the value of "your own" in our space. Build Yours.
What do you want to build?
Munudang aims for a zone of various values and contents, such as the meaning contained in the name of 'the space of books and people’.
Munudang, which will continue to work with many creators, is you and our bookstore.
HOWS Books, a local bookstore that goes well with coffee, dreams of becoming a space full of passion, inspiration, and discovery that resembles coffee. HOWS Books introduces independent published books discovered by young writers.