EventSeoul Coffee Festival

Coffee Culture Parade

The coffee festival amuse your eyes and ears!

What culture do coffee beans producing countries have? The passion of South America, the bustling nature of Africa and the mystic charm of Asia! Meet the culture of countries that filled with coffee aroma at the Seoul Coffee Festival.

  • - Title : Coffee Culture Parade
  • - Date : Nov. 7(Thu) ~ 10(Sun), 2019, 4 days
  • - Location : Seoul Coffee Festival event hall, Coex, Seoul

Troupe (2018)


The KAWSAY group is a South American music performance group that started its domestic activities in 1998 through activities at Chungdong Theater in Seoul. The KAWSAY group is pretty well known musician. They are the main characters of the movie 'Ellingdorpasa' which is the movie of the Korean Film Commission and the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival. They have fulfilled their role under the mission of succession of ethnic and cultural values and have been harmonizing with Korean culture for many years. The KAWSAY group is a beautiful group that protects cultural values and national mission.

Angel Puma

Peruvian musician Angel Puma. Playing Andes music with traditional instruments from Peru like wind instruments, pan flute, Zampoña, Quena, small guitar and voice.