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Wilton Cake Contest 2018

The only cake about my story of the whole earth.

The "Wilton Cake Contest 2018" celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, introducing the only cake in the world which shows beautiful cake decorating and personal stories. "Wilton Cake Contest 2018“, this year’s theme is 'Peace, and New Start!’, you can see a variety of cakes that represent dream of new beginning and bright future. Please visit Wilton Cake Contest 2018 and you can make unforgettable memories with very unique and creative cakes!

  • - Title : Wilton Cake Contest 2018
  • - Period : 8 Thu. – 11 Sun. Nov. 2018, 4days
  • - Location : The lobby of the East Gate, 1st floor, Coex
  • - Concept : Peace, and New Start
  • - Managed by : Venta Korea Co., Ltd