EventEco Friendly Campaign

  • For the Sustainable Future!

    Cafe Show Seoul’s Green Project “Thank You, Coffee”


  • Cafe Show Seoul’s eco-friendly project, “ Thank you, Coffee” is a green campaign launched for an sustainable future.

    As a leader in the global exhibition industry, Cafe Show Seoul provides a new paradigm within the industry by operating an environmentally friendly exhibition and introduces various eco brands through the “Thank you, Coffee” campaign. Be part of making our world a greener place. Your thoughtful action leads to a better cup of coffee.

    • - Date : Nov. 23(Wed) ~ 26(Sat), 2022

    • - Sponsor : Neoforet

    • - Green Partner : SSOG SSAG, YOLK
For Sustainable Coffee! Participating exhibitors in Green Campaign
Cafe Show Seoul has recruited exhibitors that have pledged to partake in the green campaign and has selected their booths as “Green Booth” to provide a wide range of support. Green Booth Exhibitors will be handing out their samples in biodegradable tasting cups among other eco-friendly promotion materials! Be part of creating a cleaner earth by participating in Cafe Show's green project!
It's fun to use Tumbler! Tumbler and multi-party Cup usage campaign
This year's Cafe Show Seoul operates a tumbler sterilization cleaner to reduce on-site waste. Try tasting as much as you want with a tumbler and clean it through sterilizer. It's fun to use a tumbler!
Carbon neutral Coffee? “Thank You, Coffee” Zone
Did you know that coffee produces a huge amount of carbon while it reaches us? A company which loves coffee and earth presents ideas for carbonneutral coffee. Visit the Thank You Coffee Zone and get good insights!