EventEco Friendly Campaign

Cafe Show Seoul Green Project “Thank You, Coffee” Highlights

1. Coffee Grounds Recycling

Coffee grounds do not contain any impurities, such as heavy metals, etc. and are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making them a great candidate for being recycled to become natural fertilizers when mixed with soil. With active cooperation from exhibitors, Cafe Show Seoul was able to collect coffee grounds generated at the show, deliver them to eco-friendly compost producers and yield organic and eco-friendly fertilizers, while reducing waste!

2. Recycling Campaign with Seocho District

Cafe Show Seoul installed a large coffee-cup shaped recycling bin within the event hall to encourage recycling throughout the event. With the help of Seocho District, this recycling bin was placed on the main street of Gangnam once the show was over.

3. Eco-friendly Materials

Cafe Show Seoul’s official printouts, like invitations and show guides, are made with eco-friendly materials and digitized as much as possible. Cafe Show Seoul official goods for the gift shop or souvenirs are also made of environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

4. 4~5oz Sample Cups

Any exhibitor that wishes to participate in Cafe Show Seoul’s eco-friendly campaign can do so by reducing the size of sample cups. Reducing sample cup size can lead to a big difference in decreasing the total amount of waste created.

5. Washing Zone for Visitors

Any visitor that wishes to participate in Cafe Show Seoul’s eco-friendly campaign can do so by bringing tumbler and/or mug cups for various tastings at the event. After each tasting is completed, the used cups can be taken to be washed at washing zones available throughout various points at the show, leading to a vast decrease in single-use cups.

6. Collaboration with Eco-friendly Brand – “Thank You, Coffee” Booth

Cafe Show Seoul collaborates with a different eco-friendly company each year to introduce as many sustainable brands to our global audience. At “Thank You, Coffee” booth, eco-friendly products and the green way of life are introduced
* Previous Partners: The Picker, Yeonji Gonji, Hisys Logitech, FA Company, Rewind, NeoForet, HiCycle