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26 Eco Friendly Campaign with Seoul Int‘l Cafe Show < THANK U, COFFEE > The greater the show, the more wastes are produced. So we start the eco friendly campaign to reduce, recycle the trash and pollution in order to protect our earth, the mother of our precious coffee. The <THANK U, Coffee> campaign is to persuade environmentally sustainable coffee industry. Cafe Show wishes to create eco-friendly exhibition concept with this campaign which needs your kind support.   1. The Coffee Grounds Recycling We are going to recycle the coffee grounds created in Seoul Int’l Cafe Show to make compost and fodder. The exhibitors who make coffee during the show time will gather the used coffee grounds at one bag in each day and bring it to the organizer who collects all the bags at once.     2. Don’t throw away, recycle for another day    These unique COFFEE CUP TRASH BINS used to be in the Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu. However, you can find the 5 COFFEE CUP TRASH BINS at Seoul Int’ l Cafe show! Please encourage your visitors to recycle the paper and plastic cups by throw them in this cup trash bins.     3. Green Earth from Us! We will encourage our exhibitors to use small size Sample cup(4~5oz) to reduce waste being dumped.     Let's Be Eco-Friendly and Be a Part of This Campaign! 2016.11.03 14522
25 World Coffee Leaders Forum 2016 in Nov, Seoul!     World Coffee Leaders Forum 2016 in Nov, Seoul!     World Coffee Leaders Forum 2016, the most insightful coffee knowledge-sharing platform in Asia, will be held from November 10 (Thu) to 12 (Sat) with Seoul Cafe Show 2016.     Coffee professionals and scholars will gather for this event to share their expertise and insights and discuss paths the industry should take for sustainable development of itself.     This year, including Timothy Schilling (CEO, World Coffee Research) and Mery Santos (President, International Women's Coffee Alliance) will speak for the pleanary and intensive session to widen the opportunity for the communication among participants and ultimately within the industry as a whole.     For more information and registration, please visit     World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee T. +82.2.6000.6711 M. W, 2016.10.29 11678
24 Korea Coffee White Paper Seoul Int’l Cafe Show and Coffee TV prepared a consumer awareness research survey to reflect on the reality of Korean coffee market. This research survey embraces both general public and coffee business world and the data is planned to be analyzed by Coffee TV at the end of the year. We hope that this data becomes a source that can help you prospect the development and future of coffee industry. [Survey Conductor] Seoul Int'l CafeShow / Coffee TV [Time Period] November 11th ~ 17th, 2015 [Place] On-line : Facebook/Official Website Off-line : Seoul Int’l Cafe Show 2015 / World Coffee Leaders Forum 2015 [Respondents] General Public 652 people, Baristas 416 people, Coffee Companies 372 people       2016.08.26 12380
23 On-line Visitor Pre-registration is Now Available! (1st. Sept ~) 2016.08.26 12897
22 [Notice] Honor to Host World Barista Championship 2017 Greetings from Seoul Int'l Cafe Show. The World biggest coffee event, Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is selected as a host for the World Barista Championship(WBC) 2017. WBC is the preeminent international coffee competition, the so called baristas’ World Cup. Baristas from over 60 countries attend this competition to be selected as a world best barista. Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is honored to host this world-class coffee competition and proud to be the right place for gathering of coffee people worldwide, showing the growth and strength of Korean coffee industry. We will try our best to bring a win-win benefit to the coffee community and industry through opening this representative coffee event in Korea. Don’t miss this amazing competition watched by worldwide coffee geeks, landing on the 16th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show from November 9 to 12, 2017. Wish the best of luck to the national barista champions, WBC 2017, and Cafe Show 2017!   2016.08.26 9869
21 [Cafe Show 2015] Join as Early-bird Exhibitor before May 29th, 2015! 2016.08.26 8129
20 [Notice] Cafe Show announce the successful closing! Cafe Show Organizing Committee pleased to announce the successful closing of the 2014 edition. We would like to thank you all the exhibitors and visitors for making 2014 a memorable year for Seoul Int'l Cafe Show. Cafe Show organizing committee Tel. (82)-2-6000-6687 e-mail: 2016.08.26 8182
19 [Cafe Show 2014] On-line Visitor Pre-registration Still on ! (~Oct. 31st, 2014) Do not miss the one and only chance for free on-line pre-registration ! Benefit 1. Free 1 day visit to Cafe Show 2014 Benefit 2. Fast and Convenient Admission without having to fill-out the registration form [How to Pre-register On-line] 1. Go to 2. On the top menu, click 'Visitors' -> 'Online Pre-registration' on the left 3. Register your e-mail address, and you are done ! For further inquiries, please contact the organizer. Thank you for your cooperation. Cafe Show organizing committee Tel. (82)-2-6000-6722 e-mail:   2016.08.26 9671
18 [Cafe Show China 2014] Grand opening of Cafe Show China Begins! The 2nd edition of China Int’l Cafe Show 2014 (Cafe Show China) will be open from Nov. 8-10 at CIEC, Beijing, China. Co-organized by EXPORUM and China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Cafe Show China is renowned for being derived from Seoul Int’l Cafe Show, which is the largest international networking platform for global F&B business that generates creative economic value and competitiveness in Asia each year. With the theme, ‘Discover the World’, the goal of Cafe Show China is to develop F&B market in China, which is the largest potential market in the world, and to lead the café culture and trend of China. What mostly draws attention about this exhibition is the fact that Cafe Show China is currently the largest café industry dedicated exhibition in Beijing, and that it functions as a bridge between the Korean and Chinese coffee industry and culture. Cafe Show China provides an appropriate platform, not only for the promotion of brands and high quality products of the major exhibitors but also for the welfare of F&B business. Not just coffee, tea, bakery and ice-cream, consumers will be able to meet exhibitors related to café interior, franchise, business start-up consulting company and café industry related technology as well. During the first edition of Cafe Show China last year, there were only 80 exhibitors from 11 countries that have occupied 160 booths. This year, however, the statistics have increased to 120 exhibitors from 15 countries occupying 300 booths. This year, the Korean pavilion consists of 26 exhibitors occupying 70 booths, along with other international exhibitors from Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Poland and the United States. With the idea of collaborating café industrial business with culture, which is called ‘Culturenomics’, variety of concurrent events will be held to provide joy, education, efficient business information for general public, prep entrepreneurs and industry related personnel. Barista Championship (organized by Western Coffee), SCAE Barista Level Test 1, ‘I Love Coffee’ (coffee training station organized by Caffee Bene and KOTRA) will be held to educate young generations and to encourage employment. EXPORUM KOREA, the first exhibition organizer in Korea to host exhibitions overseas, anticipates that Cafe Show China will become a top promotion/marketing platform for Korean exhibitors that seek for more business opportunities in China market. Also, it is expected that Cafe Show China will spread the advanced Korean coffee culture in China in the short run.   2016.08.26 10464
17 [Cafe Show 2014] Currently Receiving General Application ! Greetings from Seoul Int'l Cafe Show 2014, We would like to express sincere thanks to our 395 Early-bird exhibitors that registered for 1,126 booths ! After the closing of our Early-bird application period on May 30, it is now general application period until Sep. 30, 2014! Not many booths are left, so hurry up and join as an exhibitor ! For further inquiries or references, please contact Thank you ! 2016.08.26 7428