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16 MOU Signed between International Coffee Organization (ICO) and Seoul Int’l Cafe Show MOU Signed between International Coffee Organization (ICO) and Seoul Int’l Cafe Show   Seoul Int’l Cafe Show and World Coffee Leaders Forum, has established its MOU with the UN affiliated organization, ICO(International Coffee Organization), in order to cooperate together to maintain a sustainable development of the global coffee industry.     Cafe Show / WCLF was invited to the ICO assembly held in London, to carry out a presentation based on the Korea coffee market and its prospects to the delegates of 90 countries as well as the observers. Afterwards, Cafe Show / WCLF organizing committee signed its partnership MOU with Roberio Oliveira Silva, the executive director of International Coffee Organization. This agreement made between a UN affiliated organization and a private exhibition organizer (ahead of South Korea’s registration as a member of ICO) verifies the significance of South Korea’s coffee industry within the global coffee market, as well as the international status of Seoul Int’l Cafe Show as ‘Asia’s No.1’ industrial leader.     Seoul Int’l Cafe Show has been under the coffee industry spotlight for many years due to its status as the largest scaled, coffee show in Asia. It will be held in all halls of Coex, Seoul from November 20th to 23rd this year. In 2013, Seoul Int’l Cafe Show attracted approximately 430 exhibitors from 34 countries as well as 100,000 visitors from 63 countries. Its major concurrent event and the first coffee forum ever held in Asia, World Coffee Leaders Forum gathered global scholars and leaders from 34 countries last year, to discuss the major pending issues of global coffee industry and seek resolutions. Roberio Oliveira Silva, the executive director of ICO graced his attendance at the forum in 2013 and delivered his key note speech based on the issues of global coffee market and its trend. This year in 2014, Roberio is planning to re-attend the show.          2016.08.26 8601
15 [Cafe Show 2014] Join as Early-bird Exhibitor before May 30th, 2014! Greetings from Korea! Early-bird application for Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is currently open, and it will continue to be open until May. 30(Fri), 2014. For exhibitors that register before the early-bird registration due date, the following benefits are provided : 1. 10 percent discount, which amounts to 220 USD 2. Booth location in accordance to first-come-first-served order of application submission For further references or inquiries, please contact Thank you. 2016.08.26 8065
14 [WCLF] Online Registration for World Coffee Leaders Forum is closing World Coffee Leaders Forum Online Pre-registration is closing right now. The first coffee focused forum in Asia, started Online Pre-registration started at Oct. 29(Mon) to Nov. 15(Thu). Programs 1. Trend of Global Coffee Market and Position of Asian Market 2. Effect of Climate Change on Coffee and its Response 3. Sustainability development between Producer and Consumer Well known 9 speakers from 7 different countries will share idea and information. Mr. Robert. F. Nelson from National Coffee Association, USA Ms. Susie Spinderl, COE, USA Ms. Xinia Maria Chaves, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Costa Rica and so on The online pre-registration that is faster and easier than onsite registration is available at Official Website Any inquires are available at 2016.08.26 12801
13 Seoul Cafe Show Ticket is available at Online [INTER PARK] Seoul Cafe Show Ticket is available at ONLINE where is INTER PARK. Online purchase will be easier to enter the exhibition than On-Site registration. Online ticket will be open until Nov. 25th when the last day of Seoul Cafe Show. More information will be connected with the link below or click the image file. Any inquires are available by email ( 2016.08.26 14713
12 World Coffee Leaders Forum Registration Fee Announcement World Coffee Leaders Forum announce Registration Fee. Four types of registration will be available at WCLF. General, Student, Group and Cafe Show Exhibitor registration will be opened for this year. Online Early-bird Registration will start Oct. 29(Mon), 2012 that is next week!! Early-bird will close at November 15(Thu), 2012. Please check the price of World Coffee Leaders Forum and register with online to get benefit of discount. Registration at Online 2016.08.26 9241
11 [EVENT] World Coffee Leaders Forum Website Open Event 2016.08.26 7944
10 World Coffee Leaders Forum Official Website Open!!! 2016.08.26 7231
9 Recruite Participant 6th Korea Chocolatier Contest This Cometition has been 6th year of ONLY Korean Chocolate Competition that comeptite Chocolatier's cretive and skill to find talented Chocolatier. Please apply with the information below. Thank you 1. Event Overview - Date : November, 23rd(Fri) ~ 24th(Sat) 2012 - Host : Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Secretariat 2.Competition Categories ▣ Chocolate BonBon - Create Two types of Chocolate Bon Bon Products (Differen tase and design) - Plate for Exhibit : Submit two types of Chocolate BonBon in free size upon the white plate in free style to exhibit Shelve - Plate for Judge : Submit five plates for two types fo Chocolate BonBon for different plate - Every material include ingredient, white plate and tool should be prepare by participants - Available ingredient : Curvature Chocolate (Dark, Milk, White), Plastic Chocolate, Cacao Butter / Chocolate only coloring, Fresh Cream, and other refilling matter and molds. - Coolant is not available at Chocolate BonBon Competition ▣ Chocolate Art - Exhibit Art in the Black Arcryle box that (30 x 30 x 30) - Theme of art is "Sweet Korea" about reinterpretation of Korean Art, Cultre, beauty of tradition, Korean Wave etc. Show the theme that most beautful Korean Art is Beauty in the World - Every materials include black acryle case, ingredient should be prepare by participants. - Available ingredient : Curvature Chocolate (Dark, Milk, White), Plastic Chocoate, Cacao Butter, Chocoate Coloring, Mold. - Coolant is available at Chocolate Art Competition 3. Application Qualification - Qualificaiton : Person who interestn in Chocolate except winner of previous competiton in each category. Two participant organize One team to apply one or both competition. - Application Submit : The 6th Seoul Fancy Food Festivial Secretariat - Application Document : Application Copy of ID and Self Introduction - Application Due Date : Nov, 7th(Wed), 2012 - Announcement of Final Round Competitor : Nov, 13(Tue), 2012 - Competition Date : Chocolate Bon Bon : Nov, 23(Fri) Chocolate Art : Nov, 24(Sat) 4. Award Chocolate Bon Bon Chocolate Art * Gold Prize 1 Team - Prize 500,000KRW, Trophy *Silver Prize 1 Team - Prize 300,000KRW, Trophy * Bronze Prize 1 Team - Prize 200,000KRW, Trophy * Prize of Participant - Souvenir * Gold Prize 1 Team - Prize 500,000KRW, Trophy *Silver Prize 1 Team - Prize 300,000KRW, Trophy * Bronze Prize 1 Team - Prize 200,000KRW, Trophy * Prize of Participant - Souvenir 5. Schedule ▣ Nov, 23rd(Fri) First day : Chocolate BonBon(3h) - Duration : 3hour(Include diaplay and cleanup) - Display in the display place where Secretariat prepared - Exempt decoration that is not chocolate for display ▣ Nov, 24th(Sat) Second Day : Chocolate Art (4h) - Duration : 4hour(include display and cleanup) - Display upon the display plac where Secretariat prepared - Exempt decoration that is no cocolte for display 6. Inquires 11th Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Secretariat TEL : 02-6000-6693 FAX : 02-2051-3326 Person in Charge : MI-RI Kim E-mail: 2016.08.26 11708
8 Only the Overseas Exhibitors For the only the overseas exhibitors, there are many inquires. Please add the skype for the Seoul Cafe Show Secretariat Overseas Manager ID. Skype Id is hkj0101 Anytime inquires will be welcome, please leave message or question on anything about Seoul Cafe Show. Thank you, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show Secretariat Overseas Communication 2016.08.26 9052
7 Exhibitor Online Promotion Briefing Session Dear Exhibitors, Seoul Cafe Show preparing Exhibitor's On-line Promotion Briefing Session with usage of Cafe Show Portal Site at Oct. 19th, 2012, Coex, Seoul, Korea. To explain the way and platform of online promotion with Portal site, the briefing session will be held in off-line. Please, if it is available to attend the briefing session that will help and expand the way to reach your buyers and consumers, speak out to Secretariat to attend. The contents of Briefing Session will be 1. Briefing of On-line promotion with Cafe Show Portal site 2. Guide line to operate On-line promotion 3. Explanation of Seoul Cafe Show Schedule. 4. Distribution of Poster and Exhibitor's Manual. 5. Q&A Contact Us. T. 82-2-6000-6678 F. 82-2-2051-3326 E. Skype : hkj0101 English version of Manual will distribute by e-mail that registered with Application. If you need more information please contact with email or Skype. Thank you 2016.08.26 11820