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  • Business DayNov.7(Thu) 10:00~18:00
    Nov.8(Fri) 10:00~18:00
    Industry related Visitors and Buyers only

  • Public Day Nov.10(Sat) 10:00~18:00
    Nov.11(Sun) 10:00~16:00
    Open to public

Buy tickets online

Ticket Espresso? (1 Day)
Like a deep, lingering espresso after a short period of intensity.
Ticket espresso grants you access to Cafe Show Seoul halls for a day.
Ticket Americano? (All Day)
Like enjoying the a full cup of Americano coffee.
Ticket Americano grants you access to all Cafe Show Seoul halls for all four days.
Early Bird Ticket Open Ticket Espresso (KRW) Ticket Americano (KRW) Discount Rate
1st Ticket Open 12,600 25,000 30% off
2nd Ticket Open 14,400 25,800 20% off
3rd Ticket Open 16,200 32,400 10% off
  • Step 1Buy ticket on website in advance
  • Step 2Visit Cafe Show Seoul
    (Registration Desk: 1F Hall B)
  • Step 3Fill in registration card and submit it with online ticket at registration desk
  • Step 4Collect your badge upon exhibition entry

Buy tickets on-site

Category Entrance Fee (KRW)
General Ticket Espresso (1 Day) 18,000
Ticket Americano (All Day) 36,000
Handicapped 5,000
Pre-school child accompanied by parents Free

Invitation Card holder

Organizing Committee divides invitees into 2 different types of Invitation Card to improve visitor accessibility. 1F, GRAND BALLROOM LOCATED EXHIBITORS : 1F INVITATION CARD HOLDER 3F LOCATED EXHIBITORS : 3F INVICATION CARD HOLDER Both tickets are available only at the registration desk as above. HOWEVER THEY CAN ACCESS HALL A,B,C,D AND GRAND BALLROOM

  • Step 1Fill in registration card
  • Step 2Submit the registration card and invitation card to designated registration desk
  • Step 3Collect your badge upon exhibition entry

Online Pre-Registration

  • Step 1Online Registration
  • Step 2Bring your identification to the registration desk(3F Hall C)
  • Step 3Collect your entrance badge
  • Step 4Enter the Exhibition


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Floor Plan

Floor Plan